4-Year Programme

Three foreign languages for an international horizon.
The depth of the Italian method that is the envy of the rest of the world. And, at 18 years old, you are ready for university.

The 4YP is the right place for those who are curious, attentive, and wish to truly discover and know the most beautiful opportunities the world can offer. It was conceived through Malpighi’s propensity for innovation and detailed analysis of the educational needs of future generations. 

It is a four-year high school approved by the Ministry of Education, whose degree (linguistic maturity) is recognised by all Italian and foreign universities. In 2018, the MIUR chose only 100 innovative educational projects throughout the country and 4YP is among them.

The structure of the school year is organised according to the curriculum. The school year starts early compared to all other high school programs and the afternoon workshops and curricular study periods abroad are just some of the unique features of 4YP.


Dean: Elena Ugolini
Headmaster: Marco Ferrari
Vice-headmster: Roberto Mastri – Giovanni Raccichini

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Timetable Plan - School Year

Subject II° III° IV°
Italian language and literature 4 5 5 5
Latin language and culture 3 - - -
History and Geography 3 - - -
History - 2 2 2
Philosophy and Logic - 2 2 2
English 4 4 4 4
Chinese/French/German 4 4 4 4
Spanish 4 3 3 3
History of Art - CLIL - 2 2 1
Mathematics 3 3 3 3
Physics - - 2 2
Natural Sciences 2 2 - 2
Science - CLIL - - 1 -
Physical education 2 2 1 1
Catholic religion 1 1 1 1
Workshop* 2 3 3 3

*The workshops take place in the afternoon:

I: method of study, writing and argumentation

II: Coding, robotics, making, 3D design, second languages

III: Science Lab, Philosophical Debate

IV: Preparation for university entry tests


The school year starts one week in advance

The school week is from Monday to Friday

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: 1 hour in conjunction with a native speaker.  The hours of CLIL (Historia del Arte and Science) are taught by native speakers.

SAT or CAE:  In the third year, students at the Advanced level must choose whether to prepare for the SAT test (2 hours of English and critical thinking + 2 hours of mathematics) or the CAE – Certificate in Advanced English. (4 hours of preparation in English). Both with native speakers.

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