Scuole Malpighi proposta formativa

Education must aim at introducing man to reality as a whole.

Malpighi was founded in 1883. It has evolved and grown through the years, shaping an educational proposal capable of combining the richness of our cultural tradition with a method that prioritises learning through experience, openness to encounter, an international outlook, project-based work and high English language proficiency.

The school curriculum is designed as a path in which students are helped to experience studying as an interesting discovery that helps them to grow and have a constructive relationship with reality as a whole.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has made us rediscover the pillars of an education that can face the challenges the future will bring:

Openness to the world

We are all connected to each other. As Pope Francis said on March 15th 2020, we are “all in the same boat”. The awareness of this connection, the desire for openness to others and the respect for the common home we live in are essential. Our students must be able to study and live everywhere, sharing who they are and their curiosity for all that is good in the world.


The presence of educators [masters]

We need “presence”, proximity.
Technology is fundamental, as it can help human beings, but it can never replace them.
After what we have lived through in recent months, we can say with certainty that the school of the future will not be a virtual place where students attend classes held by robots alone. The educational relationship is irreplaceable.


Studying as a discovery

There are fundamental questions on meaning, beauty and justice which must be treasured and nourished.
The arts, literature, philosophy, mathematics, physics, history, together with the heart of every student and every teacher, are inexhaustible treasure chests from which to draw.
The pandemic has forced people of all ages to face the mystery of life and death, and has given new urgency to man’s fundamental questions.
Only by giving value to our humanity can we counteract the fear that arises from the uncertainty of a future that we do not dominate.
The stronger the wind, the deeper the roots must be.
In order to overcome inequalities, reward merit and give everyone the opportunity to grow, merely “going to class” is not enough . We need a new type of school that can combine tradition and innovation, technology and the humanities, in spaces and times specifically designed to attain these aims.


A school for everybody

Our schools are open to all those who wish to attend them. Scholarships and special projects are supported by all those who think of education as an opportunity for change and as a contribution to the common good.


Elena Ugolini
Dean of the Malpighi Schools

Scuole Malpighi Elena Ugolini