Malpighi 4yp learning week


A “tailor-made” route

The 4YP distinguishes itself thanks to the attention given to the growth of the class a whole and also to each individual student by creating “tailor-made” opportunities, such as the Learning Weeks. During these weeks that occur periodically throughout the year, normal lessons are “paused” in favor of group work, projects, and laboratories to help the students acquire the skills necessary to help them succeed in their academic and professional endeavors.

Every Learning Week is unique in that each one is based on the needs of the class in that precise moment. The teachers identify a common theme, or a priority, that is then applied to each subject – for example: strengthen study methods, improve oral presentations, effectively use specific lexicons.
The activities that are undertaken allow the students to experience school in a different way, and they have a very positive impact on the entire school year.

The Learning Weeks stimulate a collaborative spirit within the class and the desire to be a protagonist for each individual student because they are asked to apply their personal talents and interests.