Linguistic High School

For the school year 2022/23 the Traditional Linguistic High School track will not be activated. The 4-YearProgramme’s curriculum includes study abroad with our partner schools and in- depth study of Foreign Languages.periodi di scuola nei licei nostri partner all’estero.

The study of three foreign languages, together with a careful study of the humanities, helps students acquire a broad linguistic mastery and cultural openness that is necessary infuture endeavours.

It is through the spoken word and linguistics that the true meaning of life can be understood.

Choosing a Linguistic High School today means having a passion for reality, for the complexity and diversity of the world. In fact, through languages, one can uncover hidden aspects of the arts, history, various concepts and visions. The Linguistic High School is, therefore, the preferred path to grow one’s personality through in-depth study of languages and linguistics.

The emphasis and increase in the hours of Latin, Philosophy and Mathematics promotes the development of critical thinking in a high school education.

The hours of CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning (teaching in a language of non-language disciplines: Geography in English, Historia del Arte in Spanish and History in English) allow a real full immersion because the teaching is carried out not only in the foreign language but also through the teaching method of the country where that language is spoken.

The acquisition of the B2 and C1 level of linguistic competence is faciliatated by the presence of native speakers and teachers and the possibility of language exchanges and study experiences abroad in partner schools.


Dean: Elena Ugolini
Headmaster: Marco Ferrari
Vice-Headmaster: Roberto Mastri – Giovanni Raccichini

Mechanised Processing Code: BOPL02500B

Timetable Plan - School Year

Materia II° III° IV°
Italian language and literature - 4 4 4 4
Latin language and culture - 3 - - -
History - 2 2 2 2
Philosophy and Logic - - 3 2 3
English*: Language and Culture - 4 4 4** 3
English CLIL*: Geography - 2 - - -
Inglese CLIL*: History - - - - 1
English CLIL*: History Chinese/French/German - 4 4 4 4
Spanish: Language and Culture - 3 3 3 2
Spanish CLIL**: Historia del Arte - - 2 2 2
Mathematics with Computer Science - 3 3 3 3
Physics - - - 2 2
Natural Sciences - 2 2 2 2
Physical education - 2 2 1 1
Catholic religion - 1 1 1 1
TOTAL WEEKLY HOURS - 30 30 30 30

The school week is from Monday to Friday


* Taught in conjunction with a native English speaker. The CLIL courses are taught by native English teachers.

** SAT or CAE: In the fourth year, students of Advanced levels must choose whether to prepare for the SAT test (2 hours of English and critical thinking + 2 hours of mathematics) or the CAE – Certificate in Advanced English. (4 hours of preparation in English). Both with native speakers.



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