Malpighi 4YP Le lingue straniere

Know and Understand the World

Know and Understand the World

  • Knowing world languages and cultures is not only a great advantage for a student’s future in academics and in their profession. It also opens their worldview and their minds to the international situation and shows them that there exists something profoundly communal and undeniable between all humans, beyond differences in grammar, history or nationality.



  • English is naturally the first language. For their second language, students may choose among:

    • Chinese
    • French
    • German

    Spanish, is studied as the third foreign language.
    CLIL: in addition to teaching Geography in English and one hour a week in the V year of History in English, during the final three years the Art History lessons are taught in Spanish (Historia del Arte)

  • The value of European languages: French, German and Spanish

    The study of European languages and cultures allows students to learn about the common roots on our continent. Direct access to literary, historical, artistic, and philosophical works, as well as attending the theater and cinema in the original language, teaches students to be open and to reflect critically. Applying a foreign language in context is a fundamental method to facilitate studying and working abroad.

    Between the III and IV year there is a week-long exchange with our partner schools in France, Germany, and Spain.



    An International Approach

  • The study of Chinese

    Learning Chinese has immense value in terms of developing the capacity to analyze, to be flexible, logical, problem solve and much more.

    The challenge, in fact, is to adopt a new code in the relationship between sound, thought, signs and reality. Beyond this, learning the Chinese language provides an important opportunity to continue studying and eventually find work.

    In recent years, many new teaching materials have been developed for Chinese that had already been used for European languages. This has allowed for the study of this language to become less “impossible,” as it was once considered. However, since we are dealing with a complex and difficult language, we offer, for those who wish, a trial lesson that is non-binding before the beginning of the school year.

  • Confucius Classes

    The Confucius Institute, the official Chinese organization that promotes Chinese language, and culture across the globe and that has its headquarters in the most prestigious international universities recognizes Liceo Malpighi as a Confucius Class.
    Over the course of 5 years, students prepare to complete the External Certification of Language Competency (HSK Level 4) and participate in an intensive internship at the Confucius Institute starting from the III and IV year.

  • Language Certifications for the Second and Third Language

    Thanks to the morning curricular lessons, students are prepared to obtain the following language competencies:

    • Chinese – HSK di 4° livello
    • French – DELF B1 e B2
    • German – Livello Grundstufe A2, Zertifikat B1 e Mittelstufe B2
    • Spanish- DELE B1 e B2

    The certifications are provided by:

    • Chinese – Hanban (HSK – Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)
    • French – Alliance Française per il Ministère de l’éducation nationale (D.E.L.F. “Diplome d’Etudes de Langue Française”)
    • German – Goethe Zentrum
    • Spanish – Instituto Cervantes (D.E.L.E. “Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera”)

    Finally, Liceo Malpighi is a test center for Language Certifications required for university applications in Europe and America and is an accredited test center for the SAT exam.


    Language Certifications