Teams help develop creativity and problem solving skills

  • The 4YP curriculum includes one afternoon a week where activities are organized in laboratory style, favoring collaboration, group work, and creativity.

    The Workshops represent a unique opportunity to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the morning lessons and to expand horizons towards new knowledge that is not always taught in “traditional” lessons.

    Thus, these afternoon Workshops allow students to “get their hands dirty,” or get first hand experience and to see the school (and the world) from a different perspective.

  • The Workshop Schedule

    Each year different subjects are involved:

    – I YEAR: Efficient study methods, writing and argumentation (subjects involved: Italian and Second Foreign Languages)
    – II YEAR: Coding, robotics, making, 3D printing, design thinking
    – III YEAR: Debate and public speaking (subjects involved: Philosophy); Science Lab (subjects involved: Science CLIL)
    – IV YEAR: Choice of course to prepare for university admissions exams