Malpighi Alumni. Leading the way to change

In high school we began to open our minds to discover all the beauty and good that exists in the world. We learned how to have a positive outlook towards the future. It is an educational imprint that today applies to every type of work and human experience.
Malpighi Alumni was created with the hope of meeting up to share what has happened in recent years and to grow together.

Malpighi Alumni is:

We don’t want to lose the wealth of our stories and experiences.
• Responsability:
We want to help, sustain, and inspire everyone, especially today’s students.
• Relations:
We believe that our responsibility as a community is to facilitate the creation and diffusion of connections because alone we can do much, but together we could do much more.

Malpighi Alumni sarises as the legacy of Liceo Malpighi in the world with the objective of accompanying those who are part of the “Malpighi family” in the discovery of reality with passion, dedication, and humility in an approach that is innovative and open to change. Without being afraid of anything.

Who we are

The Committee


Tiberio Carboni, Linguistic High School, class 2014/15
Giacomo Forcione, Linguistic High School, class 2016/17
Alessandra Gatti, Linguistic High School, class 2016/17
Martina Lorenzoni, Linguistic High School, class 2015/16
Desideria Manzini, Linguistic High School, class 2015/16
Mariangela Pantaleoni, Linguistic High School, class 2015/16
Sara Zonarelli, Linguistic High School, class 2015/16


Marco Ferrari, Principal of Liceo Bologna
Giacomo Bettini, History and Philosophy Professor
Mara Ferroni, Italian and Latin Professor
Matteo Paoletti, English Professor
Francesco Severi, English Professor
Cristina Tarini, English and French Professor


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