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Spending a study period abroad helps to open your mind and take in the culture and mentality of the country whose language you study.
Malpighi takes particular care with our students’ abroad experiences with the conviction that it is an opportunity to come into contact with “another way” of living and studying, to grow and foster each student’s individual talents.
For many years our school has cultivated a network of partner schools in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and France. There are numerous possibilities and various grade levels.



Every summer students, accompanied by their English teachers, have the chance to spend two weeks at a study holiday in Great Britain. In the morning they attend Lessons on Campus that are certified by the British Council and in the afternoon they have many activities and outings.



Every year over 20% of our fourth year students choose to do a study period abroad. We propose that they attend a semester at our partner schools in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. It is also possible to spend a period abroad in the countries of the second or third language: Spain, France and Germany.
During their time abroad students are continuously in contact with their professors in Italy and followed closely so that once they return they are completely up to date with their classes’ didactic progress.

CULTURAL EXCHANGES: In terms of the English Language, our high school has initiated projects of cultural exchanges with classes or individuals with schools in Australia, Spain, Germany and France.



4YearProgramme: An International Approach 
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