The Laboratory: where ideas take shape

The Malpighi Schools are outfitted with laboratories and the time spent there is fundamental to the teaching curriculum and for extracurricular activities.
In the laboratory the distance between the student and the object of study is nullified by experience and hands on learning.
The students have the opportunity to combine what they learn in class with their creativity and liberty and thus are able to discover the connections between things; in this way knowledge becomes true comprehension.
They learn to work as a team where each person’s contribution is an essential element to finding the best solution to the problem.

The Malpighi Schools have Scientific Laboratories, Multimedia Laboratories, Linguistic Laboratories, and spaces outfitted for laboratory activities that include computers and 3D printers.

At the Malpighi High School location in Bologna you will find the Malpighi La.B and the Obeya Lab, two laboratories that host activities related to the didactic curriculum.


Malpighi La.B

Malpighi La.B is an informatics, robotics, automation, design, and 3D modeling laboratory dedicated to Clementino Bonfiglioli, a great entrepreneur who loved to make things, as well as to be creative, innovative, and to help young people.

Created thanks to the support of Bonfiglioli Group, Malpighi La.B’s objective is to be a meeting place where experimentation, creativity, and knowledge can come together. A place of learning where technology can become a means of putting oneself to the test, experiment and cultivate one’s own ideas, as well as a contact point with the world of business and research.

Throughout the year, Malpighi La.B hosts laboratory activities and contests that are part of the High School curriculum and offers interested students the chance to take optional tracks that delve deeper into various topics: from Design to Mechatronics, from Automation to big data analysis.

Malpighi La.B is a multifunctional and flexible space that is adapted to hosting multifaceted events and meetings; it is the location for lessons from the Academy of Video Making, a course put forth by MUIR and open to students in all of Italy focused on the world of cinema including language, instruments, and video production.

Malpighi La.B is part of the network of regional Laboratories, e group of laboratories that allows for the space to be used by other schools in the metropolitan city of Bologna.


Obeya Lab

The laboratory, named in 2020 and created thanks to a contribution from FAAC, hosts Workshops for the 4-YearProgramme students as well as optional courses on podcasts and creative writing.

It is a laboratory dedicated to innovation, open to every student in the city, and created thanks to a collaboration between Liceo Malpighi and the Center for Research and Development at FAAC. It is a place that fosters creativity and the capacity to plan of the new generation in collaboration with experts and professionals from the world of automation, mechatronics, and robotics. It is a space outfitted to create special projects using the OBEYA method, a tool that introduces students and teachers to team working principals and the optimization of processes.


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