Scuole Malpighi Tradizione Culturale


Our approach to the humanities

  • In the third year of high school, literary education and the development of critical thinking take on a central role and relevance.

    Our method for approaching life’s big questions, the main works, and texts from cultural tradition is focused on three fundamental points:

  • Direct interaction with the texts

    It is only through first-hand experience with the works and original words, when possible, that students can immerse themselves in the adventure of interpretation, so that they may fully understand the text and from there begin the process of growing and changing.

  • Putting literary works in context

    Students are guided to discover the historical and cultural foundations of the topics they are studying. Every from of human expression, whether its art, poetry, or classical literature, is founded in the historical period in which it was created. Learning about the past is a way to respond to current questions.

  • Culture as an expression of the human heart

    For us, studying History and history of past authors is interesting because it means knowing mankind, along with human desire, possibilities, and attempts at success. The study of our cultural tradition delves into the surprising variety of forms that society has taken throughout human history. It also reveals that the human heart, indomitable and unyielding, is reflected in our artistic, technical, scientific, philosophic, and political productions. It is because of this that tradition speaks to us, sometimes so much that it moves us profoundly.