liceo malpighi latino


The Study of Latin

  • There are those who say that dead languages are no longer worth learning. We disagree because we believe in their ability to teach a mature approach to reality. Specifically, here are three good reasons to study latin:

  • The words, etymology, and roots

    The Latin language allows the student to venture into the words and master their meaning in a more profound way. When translating, it is rare that a Latin word corresponds perfectly to an Italian word. In order to understand, it is necessary to make use of diagrams and dive into the heart of the word’s meaning to then apply it to the context. This process allows for the development of the ability to summarize, research, and abstraction, which is applicable in every area of study and in life.

  • The structure

    By nature, the structure of Latin challenges the student’s intelligence. Every phrase that must be translated requires an ability to keep the entire extract in mind while still making connections between specific parts of the text. This trains the student’s capacity to observe, analyze, and pay attention to every small detail.

  • Breaking away from diagrams

    Anyone who has studied Latin or Greek knows: in order to understand a text you cannot start with a diagram. Instead, you must observe the entire phrase and take in every aspect of it. This allows for the development of the ability to comprehend factors that are completely open to possibility by putting aside every prescribed mechanism.